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Keeping On Track Personally

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First I want to thank everyone on all the forums for the wonderful information, you have helped me time and time again! THANKS!!

I've been using this site since 2004, have increased my score 100+ points using the DV techniques and have bought my first home. I have to consider myself a credit junkie! (There's worse addictions right?)

My question for you credit guru's is this...am I on track with my current thinking? I started out with a high interest high yearly fee Orchard Bank CC which I've had a little over two years with no lates. I've called them and asked them to lower the APR or the fee, they said to apply for a different Orchard Bank card, they couldn't help me. Oooookay. I've decided to keep them, pay off my balance and not use this 'not so great' card any longer as I need the credit history.

Moving on....A year later I secured a Home Depot (Citi) CC 2700 CL, WFNNB (Blair) 1200 CL, WFNNB (VC Furniture) 2750 CL. Recently, at the two year rebuild mark I miraculously was approved for the Discover More card 2000 CL and a CrapOne 300 CL.

When and what is my next move? Other than low balances and timely payments? Is this enough tradelines? Too many? I have no installment accounts (other than mortgage) , would a car loan help?

FICO July 07 EQ 663, EX 631, TU 667

2 derog accounts (Can't seem to shake them), one paid judgement

Thanks for your input. GREATLY appreciated.

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I told them I had a new card, with HSBC, they own Orchard.

Well Orchard would not give me a CL raise or make my card unsecured...so I told them today I wanted to cancel the card since I had HBSC and I no longer needed them...and guess what They unsecured my card, they will be mailing me the deposit back...they also lowered the interest rate as I asked about a balance transfer to my new card....give it a try

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