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buy here, pay here car!!!!!


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ok so i got a car from a (buy here pay here car lot) for $7000 with the understanding that they would fix breaks that were not good!

to the point -- i took i back because breaks did not get fixed, they broke their part of deal

the man told me that they wont report it cause they can sell it for equal $$$

months down the road i got a letter saying they were selling car in auction

i went to get another car and seen they reported it as voluntary repo.

they sold the car at auction for a xxx amount and i still have to pay for it to?

they also broke a verbal/ written contract stating that the brakes would be fixed, i took it in 2 times and they still did not fix it.

do i dispute it? dv? call bbb or ftc? what should i do first?

heres how it appears on tu report, and its only on this report (tu) not the other big 2!!!




(810) 789-7600



Date Updated:


High Balance:


Past Due:



$352 for 26 months

Pay Status:

>Voluntary Repossession<

Account Type:

Installment Account


Individual Account

Date Opened:


Date Closed:


Loan Type: Automobile


>Voluntary surrender<

Estimated date that this item will be removed: 08/2012

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Well first of all.. there is no way they only sold the car for 200 bucks.

And if that is the case then you have them for not getting fair market value at the auction.

You had to have been sent a letter they were going to auction it off, it had to have been in a reasonable amount of time after the repo(when you took it back) and it had to have not been resold to another person in that time.

Buy Here pay heres are notorious for this and this is how they make their cash.

My advice.. is to get all the paperwork for it and check your states laws on repos... some are more strict than others.. some require a police check by the police, some actually give the consumer the right to sue if certain conditions were not met.

Time to start reading your states UCC

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If the car was sold on the condition (in writing) that the breaks would be fixed and the breaks were not indeed fixed, you have every right to return the vehicle with an expectation that all funds (and in some states, less depreciation and fair wear and tear) would be returned to you. This, of course, assumes that you returned it within a reasonable period of time.

If you returned the car for breach of contract, then no repossession occurred and you owe nothing to them.

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