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Today a CA won in court (I don't contest I owe the money I just can't pay it) on my discover account.

My company closed down and I had no job and became very late and discover turned it over to a CA. I got another job and tried to begin paying again but the CA demanded too much money. And I lost my job again. So I did the stupid thing of ignoring them.

So now they have a judgement and can garnish my wages and tax returns etc. I currently am trying to sell life and health insurance as the normal job market has not been good to me.

Will the CA settle with me now that they have a judgement? What if anything can I do?


Also My wife was reading that they can even garnish personal items...including a valuable dog? My wife has a dog that is valuable that she has had for years. Its like a family member could this really happen? The judgement is against me would they allow my wife to keep her dog?

I don't care about the TV and what not, but my wife would be crushed if they took her dog.

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They cannot garnish federal tax refund. They may be able to garnish a state tax refund (but I doubt it because such a system would be expenseive for the state to implement). They cannot go after exempt property, as defined by your state law.

An animal is considered personal property in all states and is usually available to a judgment creditor, if the dog is owned by the debtor. If the dog is owned by your spouse only, then they have no right to the dog.

Also, if the dog is a service animal, I don't think that they can take the dog.

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Thank you for the response. My wife almost cried when she read they could take her dog. Even though I doubt the CA will take it that far.

I am thinking of trying to negotiate a settlement as my father has agreed to help me out if I can get them to settle on a decent monthly payment. What are the chances of getting a settlement now that they can simply garnish my wages?

However at the moment my monthly income averages about $600. Also they can only take 25% of this right?

Im just starting selling insurance and hope to improve my income quickly. These debts and being on welfare is killing me...I feel like a loser 24/7...Its really taking its toll on me.

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Also if they get a writ of garnishment (Im sure they will they won a judgement) how much can they take?

I have no disposable income so my income is exempt correct? Do I simply wait for the CA to serve a writ on my bank account and then object to it based on my income?

Or is there something I should file/motion for before it comes to that?

I wish I had found this site before going to court today. :(

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