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should I send a debt valid 1st or just wait till CRA verifies?


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there are 3 recent collection debts on my account that I know they are not mine.

1. is a cltn agency for a phone bill with Pacbell who is now AT&T. I have service with them for over 20years. I remember one time they added a bill on my existing account for a different address that I never lived at. I contacted the phone company and they apoligized and removed it from my existing service.(this happened about 2years ago). Now I see on my cra as a charge off with a cltn agency.

I have disputed it with all CRA's. I havent recieved verification yet.

So is it to premature right now to write them and dispute it? or should I wait.

I was going to fill out a identity theft form and send it to them, along with a letter to delete this from my CRA.

Same thing with the other 2 cltn agency. One is for Direct t.v. I have cable where I live at and the Home owners Associations forbids residences to have those dishes set up outside of your condo.

Well, anyways I did set up a fraud alert on all 3CRA's to prevent this in the future.

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