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Too late? Did I goof?


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This is in reference to a credit card account. I just pulled my report and here are the details.

Original Creditor:

- The account was opened in 1999.

- The account was closed in 2002.

- The entry was last updated in 2004.

- I couldn't pay it any longer and stopped.

- I worked with a consolidation entity and my last payment to them was 7/2/03. I dropped out because they wouldn't reduce the interest rate.

Then a collection entity/lawyers bought this debt:

The entry for this entity shows the same balance as the above.

The account closed for this entry indicates 3/07.

Date placed for collection indicates 8/05.

I get served yesterday. The filing date is 7/2/07.

I spoke with the collection entity about a payment plan. I haven't signed anything yet. They're supposed to send paperwork.

My questions:

- Does this account appear to be beyond the 4 yr. TX SOL?

- Should I contact an attorney and sue if it is?

- The balance they've stated is TWICE what's indicated on the credit report and a good third above the balance on the papers served. I don't think this is right.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I worked with a consolidation entity and my last payment to them was 7/2/03.


it probably means that it's 4 years from that date, but wait, it from the DOFD...

the first delinquency would be 30 days past that. right.

which would be 08-02-03...

so they would be just squeezing in....

but you should still talk to a lawyer to get the facts.


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