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Good sign or bad sign that it is taking awhile for an item to be investigated?

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What has been most folks experience on the investigations and correlation to amount of time? I would think that if the 'dispute' ( we will generously call it that) performed by CRA is taking awhile, it means that the CA or OC might not have your files in their main transactional system. If that is the case, they then have to go to their 'archives' dept and maybe even look on micro film. So, has anyone noticed one way of the other if there is a correlation or if it's just random and some take a while to 'verify'?

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With today's technology, almost nobody does microfilm anymore....

And...its tough to generalize. If your dispute is with a CA, about half will just say heck with it and throw it back to the OC. If that's the case, you'll be hearing from another CA soon. If the CA doesn't kick it back, it could take 7-10 months.

If its with a JDB, they'll probably just resell it...

If your dispute is with the OC, must will respond in a couple of months.

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