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Need Help With Portfolio

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I recently disputed equifax in regards to Portfolio having listed my credit card account as an installment account... That has now changed on equifax to reading:

Account status: collection

Account type: open ?!?!?!?!

I thought CA's werent allowed to list any account as open, installment, revolving, anything other than closed???

I checked the MYFICO website for equifax and it shows:

Account status :120 late ( yet has no markings for 30, 60, or 90 day lateness??)

Account tytpe: open?!?!?!

So if im missing something here please let me know?

Should me next procession of steps be:

1) re- DV the CA explaining that they are in violation. ( Now this is where i get confused!! Do I have to wait to see if they respond or fix it? Or am i within my rights to demand deletion.

2) RE-DV the CRA's and explain that they never properly researched this and remind them that they are in violation.?


thanks again guys

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