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Can Someone Comment on this DV Letter!!


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I am DV a couple of CA. Some are out of SOL. ALso, a few are not licensed in the State of Florida to collect a debt. This is going to be my standard letter. Can I have some feedback please?

I just pulled a copy of my credit report and noticed that your agency is reporting that I owe you a debt. I was not aware of this debt until now, and under my rights under the FDCPA, I request that you validate this debt.

Also, I request that not contact be made by telephone. Any contact between your agency and I must be done in writing. Any communication that is not in written form will be considered harassment.

At this time I also request that you stop reporting negative information, until the debt is validated and I am given time to research the information sent to me, to the Credit Reporting Agencies,(Transunion, Equifax, and Experian).

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