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Really doing something right.

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Hello all, Recently I have posted some of the success I have had since started my credit repair journey. Yesterday- I received an e-mail frm citibank stating that they were pleased to welcome me to their bronze advantage cc. I called rep told me that limit was 4000.00. I was so shocked. Up until now I have received around 10 cards- but the highest credit limit was 1000.00. I thought I would try my luck with CITI again and applied for the premier pass card online- instantly approved for 8500.00- YEEEESSSSSS. Almost had a heart attack. Everyone just keep working on your repaort and it will all come together I am living proof. I started in April and have since then refinanced two cars, am refinancing a house and have gotten a dozen new trade lines. Score were avg 480 when I started (fico). Just wanted to share. Thanks to all who have given info.

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That is just wonderful and bless you for sharing your story. I do have a few questions though? You mentioned that your score was at 480?

1. Where is your score NOW?

2. When was the turning point for you? In other words, when did you really start to see some improvement?

3. Do you remember (by chance) what your score was at the time you got your cc's, refi of vehicles and/or house??

4. Does anything stick out in your mind as something that helped you enormously?

5. Are you employed? If so, have you been employed all along? Do you feel your yearly wages have anything to do w/ the improvement to your CR's?

Thanks! For me, my improvement has been extremely SLOW going, but than we keep running into financial problems that doesn't help. So, I was just wondering. Thanks again for sharing, gosh I love these stories!!!!


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