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Reporting Lates

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How can a report reflect a 90 day late, but not the 30 and 60 days leading up to it? It seems that one would have to be 30 and 60 days delinquent before they become 90. Am I making to much of this?

I have a 90 listed on all three reports from a little over 6 years ago. I am not really thinking of disputing it because it is so old. being the curious person I am, I will file that and use it later if needed.

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It helps if you think of "lates" as a color, rather than a time frame. You can get to "blue" without going through "red" and "orange".

All it really means is that at some point 6 years ago, the OC began reporting you "blue".

And, yes, you're making too much of this...when it comes to lates, you really only have one good choice..."never late". All others hurt.

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