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Notary signed my poa revocation... now I need to know about my letter

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I'm supposed to write a letter to the settlement company telling them that I am terminating my contract with them. I wrote it very short and very to the point:

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to inform ___________________ that I,__________, will no longer be needing their services. Enclosed you will find a document revoking any power of attorney _____________________ may have over my accounts.

Now, according to my contract it says that I'll owe them the remainder of the "retainer fee" upon terminating my contract. I have already spoken with an attorney and they told me that I do not have to pay that. He said that they could not enforce such a contract.

So, I did not mention it in the letter... nor am I mentioning that they are a bunch of scam artists and that is why I'm terminating my contract. They also don't know that my accounts have been paid off by my credit union.

Does this seem appropriate? I don't feel I need to give them an explanation... if they think that they are entitled to money, then they can contact me and then I'll tell them. Right? :confused:

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I hope the CU's lawyer intends to defend you when they come calling for their termination fee.

They said that they would back me up if it comes to that. And the loan officer at the credit union said that they would help me too.

::sigh:: And to think there was a scholarship essay a few months ago sponsored by my CU... the question was "How do credit unions make people's lives better?" Hmm... think I could have won that scholarship.

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::sigh:: I don't think there is much hope in getting my $300 back. I mean, I could file a small claim against them... but I don't know if it would be worth the trouble. Then I would have to deal with them trying to countersue or something. I don't know if its worth the risk.

The attorney said that their contract won't stick... but I guess I just wouldn't want to press my luck.

What do you think? I doubt I would really have a claim anyway since it would only be my word against theirs... unless the cc companies would testify on my behalf. LOL! Like that would ever happen!

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Oh if it's just $300 nevermind

You and I may value $300 differently though. The CC companies would testify on your behalf in a sense. You subpoena their records which shows no payments were made on the accounts.

My theory is that if you pressed them hard enough, they'd give you your money back. They know what they do and don't want it exposed to the feds too much. They don't want a bunch of eakubs running around complaining to the FTC and AG.

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Hmm... well, I'll think about it. Like I said, I don't want to push my luck too much. I suppose I could ask the attorney that I talked to about not having to pay the money the contract says I have to pay. He would probably know whether there is a strong enough case or not.

I'm sure their defense would be that I didn't give the program enough time... but since I was about to be sued by everyone and their brother, of course I wasn't going to give them more time. They said that they would help... but then they were taking their sweet time having a "pre-legal" person call me. Geez... the lawsuit was due to be filed today and they just called me back a week ago (I was at work... so it was just a message on the machine). :roll:

It says in the contract that they would not be paying my creditors until they had enough money gathered up to offer a settlement. What irks me is that I had all those e-mails from the guy who signed me up. He promised that all of my creditors would be contacted once I was enrolled and that they would not call me. He promised that they would do everything they could to keep me from being sued. He promised that my credit would "repair itself" because part of the settlement would be to list the account as "paid as agreed".

But after talking with everyone on here... I realized that he couldn't promise me all those things and that he was most likely working on commission, so he said those things to get me to sign up.

I'm so stupid! But, I guess, everyone else that I talked to (e.g. my parents, my coworker, etc) was stupid too because they told me they thought it was a great idea.

Like I had said originally... all I wanted to do was get rid of my debts and high monthly payments so I could afford to go to school. I was given a once in a lifetime deal to get an almost entirely free ride... I didn't want to miss my chance at finishing college.

Sorry... I'm rambling... I was just so scared at the time when I signed up with that company. I really thought it was the only way out. :?

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