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30 Day's Up They Extend themselves 15 Man


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Okay Just wondering if anyone else had this problem with Equifax, I submitted my disputes over 30days now. I called them to find out the status and what do you know, they come up with a reason to extend it b/c It isn't finished.

Now this is the great part of this whole thing here, there reason for extending my 30days is b/c I recived a free anual credit report of the website back in 10-2006.

Now that is true but I brought a report from equifax less then 30days ago and thats the transaction number I used. Or File number how in the world can they pull this.

Any Suggestions on how to handle it? I did file a formal complaint with the FTC about this. Before the complaint I called back to see if its true the next day and looking for another rep, The other rep realized the report due date was over then put me on hold comes back and says the same crapola you recived a report from anual credit report..

Your dispute will be done on aug 7th I neeed some advice im thinking send these guys a hand writen letter with my intent to sue. Ive had it up too here with these guys "really want to say scumbags" there writing there own rules as things go along. This has to be a violation of some kind.

Well any advice would be great.:)

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