Please help - Atty Lawrence Hecker panicked me

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and regarding them calling your cellphone, tell them your recording this conversation and do not call your cell phone are removing your consent so to speak...if they call it again, it is a violation of the tcpa...another opportunity for mo money from the bottomfeeders!!!

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Trust me.. I have sued MANY collection agencies over the past 4 years (Amazing what a divorce does to your credit)

I have collected close to 25k in settlements.. attorney took about 30%.. so you do the math.

I am suing a CA and 2 CRAs in court right now.

The best thing you ever did was hire an attorney.. the calls will stop and you'll prolly get a nice couple grand for your trouble.

Tell the attorney about your kids overhearing and how upset they are. That is damages sister!!!

Good luck to you and keep us posted!!!!

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I caught these in the earlier posts..

The following addresses were received and signed for (this is for anyone looking for good addresses for these guys later)

Attorney Lawrence Hecker

2C South Gold Drive

Hamilton New Jersey 08691

Laurence Hecker

109 Division St.

Toms Rivr, NJ 08753

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