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Settling with Wachovia- overdraft


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I'm trying to settle with Wachovia. I mailed them a settlement letter to pay $15 and for a delete I used to form letter found on this site. They mailed me one saying $187 to settle but said nothing about the delete. I do want to settle for a delete to get it removed. It's not urgent or anything that I get it off.

Do you think I should copy the letter they gave, enclose it,and send a new settle to delete letter with a lower $ amount?

When this account was overdrawn 3 years ago I *thought* I had opened an investigation because over $200 was debited from my account. I spoke to a rep. I thought they closed the account. I was busy with school and never followed up on it. I guess they didn't investiage though because I saw it on my CR as an overdraft owing them over $300. I know it was a dumb thing asking them to settle I should have disputed it, the account was mine, but the overdraft was not.

If there is one thing I have learned from all this - from the medical bills not being paid under the charity care as promised by the hosptial to the wachovia stuff is the followup follow up everything with letters! xangelx

Thank you:)

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