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Ticked Off at Alliance One....AGAIN!


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Alliance One keeps calling my home. Every day for the past week or two there hasn't been a real person on the other end but a recording. It says something like "This is Alliance One calling with an important message. If you are *** press number 3, if you are not *** press 4." Whenever I've pressed 3 or 4, I receive the same message similar to " This is an important phone message from Alliance One. The phone number is then *spelled* out.

As unusual, when I've called them (866 747-7832) I receive a message "The number or code you've dialed is incorrect please check the number or code then dial again. Number 145 7"

This CA used to call several times a day, but usually there was a live scum bag to speak to.

These phone calls are annoying as there isn't anyone to speak to! Caller ID usually shows the same phone number as the one that's spelled out but a few times it shows "Out of Area."

How do I handle this kind of phone call? Have they broken any rules? They occur everyday and at different times. :confused:

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Have you DV'ed 'em yet?


I've received more calls from this number...There is no "live" person, only a recording. When I call the number the recording gives, I still receive the message "the number or code you've dialed is incorrect."

How can I DV this CA....Alliance One? There are several addresses given on the Internet, I don't know which one to send a DV to or who the OC is.


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