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Roadloans unauthorized pull


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I have been faithfully trying to repair my credit for a couple of months now (with some success, I might add). Yesterday, much to my dismay, this is an email I recived:

Sent: Saturday, July 28, 2007 5:19 PM

Subject: Your application has been received (App #xxxxx)



SUBJECT: Your application (#xxxxx) has been received

Dear nascar3,

We have received your credit application and are currently processing it. If

you submitted this application during the hours of Monday - Friday, 8AM -

5PM CST, a RoadLoans Loan Specialist will normally contact you with a

decision within 6 business hours. If your application was submitted outside

our normal business hours we will be contacting you the next business day.

Thank you for choosing RoadLoans.com for your auto finance needs.


The RoadLoans Team

To show our appreciation for

selecting RoadLoans,

we have teamed up with


to offer you a FREE trial


I KNOW for a fact that I did NOT authorize them to pull my credit report! I HAD been browsing a few websites, just looking around, due to the fact that I am considering buying another vehicle within 6 months or so. BUT, I DID NOT FILL OUT A CREDIT APP! I know I didn't because I remember considering it, but with the success I have had recently with removing inquiries and seeing the difference their removal is having on my scores I decided that I was NOT going to bother at this time. Soooooo, WTF???? Anyways, I shot them this email back.....

To Whom It May Concern,

I received the following email from your company today and then pulled my

credit report and noticed that you have added an inquiry. I did NOT in any

way, shape or form, authorize you to pull my credit. I did NOT fill out any

sort of application for credit with your company. I am demanding that you

DELETE the inquiry that you have made into my Equifax credit report within 7

days. If this is not deleted from my report within this time then I will be

forced to pursue other legal action.


Any other ideas? Should I begin preparing a letter to send them CMRRR? I doubt if I will really get anywhere with just an email. :?: I know there is a sticky on this and I'm on my way there now. Has anyone else had something like this happen?

By the way, my Equifax score dropped 6 points over this one inquiry!

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I didn't APPLY or authorize ANYONE to inquire into my credit. I was simply browsing the websites to see what kind of deals were out there. I was very careful NOT to apply because I have been working on removing inquiries.

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I called Roadloans today...They told me they were given my info by a third party. They gave me the name of the third party, but I can't recall it right now (it's at work). Anyways, I INSISTED that I didn't fill out an app with ANYONE (true) and that since they were the ones that pulled my report they needed to delete it immediately. The rep balked a bit, but then requested that I fax her my request for delete and told me that they would submit the request for delete to Equifax once they received my written request. I told her I wanted a copy of their request for delete faxed back to me for proof and she agreed. I asked her the same question, how could you pull my report without my SS#? She informed me that all they needed was a name and an address. Anyways, I'm still waiting for the fax back from them. I'll keep you posted.

By the way, just got my DENIAL email tonight. :oops:

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The third party that gave my info to Roadloans was a place by the name of LeadClick Media, Inc. I gave them a call today to complain and I requested that they inform me where they got my info. She said she would do some research and get back to me. Tonight I got the following email:

Apparently your information was sold to us in a car financing lead on the following date, we cannot determine what site it is from,





(actual numbers left out)

Anyone know much about IP addresses?

I'm curious to know which site is selling my information without my permission.

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