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Please help me first time.....


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Hello this is my first time experiancinig this and I really dont understand all the terms. But I went to pull my credit report and I found a "state tax lien". This is from overdue child support. I also recieved a letter in the mail with a 1-800 number so I called it and they told me I had to pay more for arrears. I asked the lady how much I owed and it was a totally diffrent number(higher) than what I see on my credit report. Personally I dont believe I owe this amount she just came up with a big "even number" and second on the letter I recieved it says I must pay on or before October 15 2005 That totally does not make sense being that I recieved this letter a week ago(July 2007).

So my question is where do I start? Can I do debt validation? I heard on tax liens its very hard to make a dispute. ::: shrugs :::: thanks:confused:

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