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What Do All Of You Think of This?


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Would like some input from everyone as to what they think of this "incident".

A consumer must temporarily pay their car payment late, but, before the end of month. Last month had a real "Smart A**" call. Today, same person calls:

OC ADUB (male): Name from "?????".

Consumer: It's already handled, goodbye.

OC ADUB calls back: Why did you hang up?

Consumer: Look, I"m going over to pay it in office tomorrow.

OC ADUB: You owe us a payment today, or, words to that effect.

Displayed normal personality.

Consumer: Put "?????" on phone right now.

Not requested person, another ADUB (female): Short version is started out threatening further collection activity, reporting negative, refusing to connect to requested person, and trying to outtalk consumer. Use your imagination here. Finally ceded and got the requested person. Rest of call was normal with many apologies, and took payment over phone by waiving fees. This person is aware of previous call involving his "pal".

Requested person tried for all they were worth for consumer to not file complaint, but, lost that arguement. Consumer waiting for bosses call in the AM.

For those of you not aware, OC's are liable under the Rosenthal FDCPA in California.

What would you do if this was you? Any violations present in your eyes? Even opinions will do.

Yes, I'm going to share any responses with the boss, no, not your name or this site, just your opinions and responses. Want to prove something to a lender.

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