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Statue of Limitation Questions

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Need some clarification as to when you can use SOL as a defense and a request to dismiss a case?

I have an alias summons pending against me - never been served - learned about it through the internent!

It's for a CC debit that would be considered dated as of April 2007. (4 yrs - Florida) I believe that the CC Company started trying to find me last Dec?

# 1 Can I use SOL as a defense when I address the summons?

# 2 What termanolgloy is used when preparing your statement?

# 3 I keep reading that "date of last activity" is the last date you made a payment - on what basis has that been determined? (again for addressing the summons)


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Statute of Limitations is an affirmative defense that can be alleged any time after the time period has run.

The time begins to run when a cause of action arises (usually that happens on the date a payment was due and you didn't make your payment).

Now, unless your credit card is a store or merchant card, the SOL in Florida is 5 years, not 4. Example; a regular VISA or MasterCard as opposed to, say, JCPenney or Macys.

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There was an earlier post on here where a Florida court ruled that a credit card was not a written contract because it did not contain all of the elements of a contract--that is, submitting the application in and of itsself did not create a debt; the debt is created at some point after the card is received or used. The court ruled that because of this, the SOL on CC debt was 4 years.

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