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I have no checking acct. but was sent to CA for returned check!!


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Yesterday I received a "Notice of Returned Check" letter from TRS Recovery Services, Inc. in Houston. I don't even have a checking account and haven't had one in years!!

I called the store listed in the letter. I was told that the store doesn't even get advised of returned checks anymore so they couldn't help me. I was told to call TRS.

TRS's letter letter states "....and this debt has also been entered in the TeleCheck's National Computer Files. Until this matter is resolved, TeleCheck may not approve your check or the opening of a checking account at over 300,000 merchants and banks who use TeleCheck's services nationally." I don't want to call TRS because I am bound to act in a manner not befitting a lady being that they have basically blackballed me for a check I didn't even write!

Normally I would shoot off a debt validation/limited cease & desist letter and never hear from the company again. Should I go the normal route or handle this differently? HELP!

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I may be new but I have actually had this issue in the past.

I tried to open a bank account and was declined. When the report I called and requested from TeleChex came back there was a bad check listed under the retail section of the report.

Someone had written a check to a Tire Mart in WA and it bounced and they had not paid it off in over a year.

The listed the Name of the Company the check was written to

The check #

The DL#

The state that issued the DL

Well, I had never lived west of the Mississippi and I knew that DL's in most states are public records and pointed this out in my disput to TeleChex and attached a good photo copy of my DL.

They actually straightened it out in about a week or 10 days if I remember correctly. But this was back before they moved their call center to Bumm Fricken Egypt.

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I don't know why people are telling you to call a CA. Stay off the phone. remember that anything discussed on the phone can't be proven.

I figured I might as well just call....I mean, I don't even have a stinkin' checking account to write a bum check on. Well, I have no choice but to put everything in writing because I can't even get anyone on the phone. You call the number on their letter and get "We're sorry. Your call did not go through....blah, blah, blah" Called the stores corporate office for a different number for the CA. They gave me the fraud & bankruptcy number for the CA. It's just full of options, addresses, other phone numbers. You can't get a real live person no matter what you press! Well, I'll be sending out a letter CRRR tomorrow.

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