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Interesting FICO story- no more auth. user score increases as of Sept?

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Here is a interesting story I just found,

thought it would be of interest here......

the days of getting a FICO boost from an auth. user (AU) account are numbered.

Expect millions of scores to drop, and give the CC co. yet another reason to boost APR's :-(

I'm just glad I didn't get any :-)



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I was just added to my fathers 3 cards to increase my credit scores, will this effect me bad, shuold I get on as a joint user, probebly wony qualify..... will this take effect this september if so Ill get off right now

The FICO change takes effect in September for one CRA, and in early 2008 for the other two CRAs. So you can still get a few months of AU benefit on 2 of your 3 credit reports, if you plan to do some credit rebuilding during that time.

You can read the other 7 threads for further details ...

There are already at least 7 threads here on this topic. Do we really need a eighth?

I believe the answer to the Ultimate Question about Life, the Universe, and the Number of Threads for a Single Subject is 42.


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