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MOV letters sent to the big 3

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I have tried everything I could think (disputed constantly with various reasons) to get rid of some collection accounts that are still reporting as "OPEN collections". Even though they were discharged in BK (Feb 2005)So I broke down and sent a MOV letter to all three CRA's. I used the sample letter (found on this site).

I called the OC's (I know I should never call) asked for them to look up any accounts with my name and social security number etc...OF course they didn't have any information for me or my number...I then got the names of the reps I spoke with and their ext's or id number...then I sent the big 3 the MOV letter. I listed the accounts, who I spoke with and their info & on what date I spoke with them on.

I added this paragraph at the end of the letter

I have disputed these accounts repeatedly, and they come back from you as "verified". How can this be? I have given you contact numbers of the people I have spoken with so you can contact them directly, they will VERIFY what I have said AS TRUE!

Your urgent attention to this matter is imperative.

I am hoping by doing this I can get these baddies gone..Wish me luck!

They signed for them on July 16th & July 18th. Now I will wait.

I will update any progress.

My scores in April 2007 were TU=520 EX=519 EQ=481

they are now July 2007 (TC) TU=569 EX=525 EQ=587

Please give yourself a pat on the back, it is because of this site for my progress!!



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