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Help..being sued by Capital One

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I received a summons at home by Hyat,Hyat & Landau for Capital One. The original credit card was for 5,000 but now the total including late fees and attorney charges in approx. 7500.00. I called and they said I could pay 100.00 per month and they wont take me to court. They sent me new papers to sign and i received them but had a question. They wanted the money on July 25th. I tried 6 times leaving voicemails and faxing them to please call me so I can ask them a question. Finally on the 25th I got a hold of someone and he was rude and said I should have asked the question before. No negotiation. I live in Florida. I havent paid on this for about 1 year and 1/2. I went ahead and sent them 100.00 because he had me so rattled and crying I didnt know what else to do. I forgot to sign and send the new papers for the new agreement though. What should I do?

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