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Disputing old address.....did I mess up?

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This is my first post here on the board and I'm totally overwhelmed with the wealth of knowledge that is here! I've spent the past several hours reading through various topics and I'm just beginning the process of repairing my credit report.

I saw last night in my 3-and-1 from Equifax that one of my old addresses is being used as my current address. So I pulled one from Transunion today and it says the same thing only listing my current address and an old address.

When I was ordering the TU report I had to call to get through the security procedure because they were asking questions about old accounts that I don't have info. on anymore. So I verified with the CS rep the old addresses in order to see my TU credit report.

Now I'd like to get those old addresses off there and get my current address listed properly but I'm afraid that my phone call this morning might hinder that. (I had planned to write a dispute letter as suggested in other threads)

Do I go ahead and dispute the old addressses as inaccurate and list my current address?

Tried to find this somewhere on the forum so hopefully I'm repeating an old question. Thanks and I'm so grateful I found this forum!!!!!!!

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