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Any ever experience this?

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Ok, JCPenny is an OC of mine. According to my Credit Reports they sold the debt to a CA. Ok so this is what I did: I sent letter of DV to JCPenny and the CA and the Eq,EX, and TU. The CRA's have yet to report there find (but they are well within the legal timeframe as of today)...no response yet from the CA............BUT JCPenny sent me three letters individually from the customer service department.

Letter#1: (on theere letterhead) "we have completed the review of JP account....In interest of customer service and goodwill...finance charges of $50.57 and late fees of $29.00 are waived. This will been seen on next billing statement.

Letter#2: (on their letterhead) All negative information about the account has been removed on my credit reports (which isn't true according to TU)

Letter#3 (on thier letterhead) Confirmation of current status and has been accurately reported for the last 12 months to Eq, Ex, TU and Innovis (f-ing Innovis)

My question is is this DV valid? and if it is JCpenny is now reporting payment of what charge were waived from Letter #1 (which I didn't authorized in the interest in goodwill) should I attempt the re-aging suit? Any suggestions?

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There is no "DV" for an OC. So can you bring this account current or what? Need more info here.

I wish I could bring this account current. According to JCPenny it is current. They have already giving me a billing statement. The kicker is according to the CRA's the accoutn is closed (up until July 15 it was charged-off since 04/2005). But the billing statement states they are charging me 21.49% APR! I didn't give them a payment yet they are reporting to CRA's that a $78 payment was made.

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