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CA response to dispute


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Long before I came upon this forum I received a letter from a collection agency. Like a dummy, I called them and disputed the account via phone. Shortly thereafter I received another letter from them stating the following:

February 7, 2007

RE: Account Investigation/OC

Account #: 0000000

Account Holder's Name: Nascar3

Account Holder's Address: Mine

Date of the loan: Wrong date

Account Holder's Last 4 Digits of SSN: 0000

Date of Purchase: 12/21/06

Current Outstanding Balance: $389.88

"It is our understanding that you are disputing the balance of this account. Please provide all details in writing, including supporting documentation, to our office for review.

You must provide all requested information to our company at the address listed below no later than 20 days from the date of this letter. This information is needed in order to close the investigation concerning this account in a timely manner. Your failure to supply this information may result in the investigation being terminated and the account being returned to the floor for collection."

Can I consider this their response to a validation request? And, if so, I don't consider this proper validation. Do you? Anyways, I just happened to dig this letter up. I had forgotten I had received it. Of course, I never responded to it. They have continually reported to the CRAs and I have been continually disputing with no results except for them changing amounts, reporting inaccurate info, changing dates, etc. Does this letter help me out in any way? (ie. improper validation). Any ideas on what to do next?

Prior to coming across this letter I sent them a validation request via CMRRR. Am awaiting their response.

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For the sake of argument, say that you did have a written dispute on file that you could prove. Their response would be a violation of the FDCPA. They don't have the authority to close the dispute for your lack of supporting documentation and return it to the floor for collection.

But you didn't do a written dispute so... do one.

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Ohhh, I DO....I tend to be a bit anal about everything and any time something changes I print a copy of my TrueCredit report. I have several copies that have changes made, as well as a couple of actual reports showing changes. Currently they are reporting this account as an open installment account that is 120 days delinquent. JERKS! Guess I'm just a bit unsure of what to do next....

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