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Any idea what MPGE means?


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PO BOX 3008


No phone number available

Account Number: PC370....

Original Creditor: MPGE


Collection account. $70 past due as of May 2006.

Date Opened:




Credit Limit:


Date of Status:

05/2006 Terms:

1 Months High Balance:


Reported Since:

05/2006 Monthly Payment:

$0 Recent Balance:


Last Reported Date:

05/2006 Responsibility:

Individual Recent Payment:


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hmmmm. i suppose it could be Massachusetts PGE. I can't seem to find any info on whether or not they even do business in this state. There are two accounts listed. It is definitely does not belong to my step dad if it is PGE. He lived in an apartment that only had electric utilities at the time and I know for a fact the company was National Grid. I have already disputed it. I'll let you know what happens.

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YES!!!! FOXWOODS!!! That is definitely it! THANKS!

UGH!! This one really pisses me off. I'm going to call him and scold him! lol

He was telling me that he owed Foxwoods money the other day. I didn't make the connection at the time. A CA called him and he called them back. I scolded him for that already! He now knows he is to never speak with them again. They told him he owed $500 and he didn't understand where they got that amount.

That account has been killing me for days. I couldn't figure it out. I'm going to sleep better tonight. lol

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