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Looking for advice on FMC Charge off

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I have 2 repos with Ford Motor Credit on all 3 CRAs

both listed as CO with 0 balance and it appears that they have not reported on them or updated the TLs for about 5 years, and they are set to fall off in late 2009

of all the negative TLs on my CR, these two are probably the worst, but they are the only two i did not dispute because they are really mine and i felt bad disputing

i just planned on waiting them out, but now im starting to think since they stopped reporting maybe they wont verify with the CRAs

anyone have any similar experience with FMC, i dont want to wake them and have them sell to a CA or anything

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how old was yours? was it listed on all 3 CRAs?

also both of these were for about $9,000

and a little less than 2 yrs ago a man claiming to be a lawyer was calling me on atleast one of these accounts trying to settle for about $3,000, likely right around the SOL, but i dont know who he was working for

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:)++ I've been disputing for the past year, every month and mine was a lease with a $2800 - I diputed for over mileage & wear & tear as they say. FMC says 0.0 balance buit in comments says charge-off then the $2800 was sold to cavalry portfolio who are the worst. This is all I have left negative on all 3 CRA's. Does anyone out ther can give me some light at the end of this tunnel???
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