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medical bill of spouse


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Spouse gets medical treatment, submitted to insurance company who reject claim, saying policy had been cancelled. Bill doesn't get paid in full on a timely manner, but spouse had been making low monthly payments.

medical provider sends claim to collection agency and my name suddently starts to appear as shared responsibility on a collection account.

this doesn't seem quite right, how can I get this from my name to keep my credit clean - whilst my spouse is paying it off on a monthly basis.

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sent dv letter, they sent statement back with no documentation on it. I replied with copy of original letter, copy of there letter with 'so called proof', stated they had only 30 days from original letter and amazingly, this collection account is no longer appearing on my transunion report. now for the other 2 collection accounts - these will be a little harder.

PS.. this claim was a joint medical plan, but got declined for payment by the insurance company. that's another story and issue going on.

SCORE AS OF 3:01 PM 8/5/2007

TRANSUNION - 558 (3 collections)



SCORE AS OF 7:48 PM 08/20/2007

TRANSUNION 587 (2 collections)



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