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credit report..

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Hi everyone, I am new to this and I need some help please.

I just pulled my credit report (experian) and on there I have some old debts..(date opened 10/96) but it has 4 different dates on it. Date of status: 6/06,

reported since 10/96, last reported date 6/06. then in status it says "transferred,closed/Paid,Closed. $903 written off. The time limit for this to be on my credit report starts 7 yrs from which date? I am confused..

Also, I have a creditor reporting negative and it sold to a collection agency who in turn is reporting on the same debt. Can one be taken off now that it isn't the original creditors debt anymore?.. Thank you so much...Sherry

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They are both allowed to report. In my experience disputing with the original creditor usually gets it removed. As for the CA, they are only allowed to report the date of first delinquency. Do you know the last time you made a payment on this account?

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