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LVNV pays me, thanks to my NACA attorney

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Well, I just recieved my split of our settlement with LVNV--for significantly more than your typical $1k settlement (more along the lines of a nice down payment on a new car).

-LVNV purchased charge-off, and reports their usual junk (factoring account, open-account, past-due, re-aging).

-DV and dispute with the CRA's

-DV ignored (of course)

-They verify with two of the three CRA's.

-My NACA attorney sends an ITS to one of their legal higher up's

-They delete the TL immediately

-NACA attorney lets their big guy know that while deletion is nice, its not enough.

-Generous settlement reached :)

I've usually tried to handle these things on my own. Not anymore. Sure, I've accumulated lots of knowledge by reading these boards for years, but really

doubt I would have been able to get anywhere close to as nice of a settlement on my own.

The only negative I've noticed about NACA attorneys is that while they're more than willing to sue the CA's/JDB's, theyre very hesitant to sue the big collection attorneys--mostly because they have to deal with their clients being sued by them the majority of the time, so they rely on a sense of "goodwill" to obtain reasonable settlements for those clients.

Either way, I'm convinced that NACA attorneys are the way to go for most significant credit issues.

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Good for you. I did that with Arrow and even after the split I came away with more than I would have on my own.

I have two LVNV accounts that are now thankfully past the SOL for my state. I have been laying low waiting for this point in time to go after them for all of the above that you just listed. I wanted there to be no way they could sue for the debt so I waited.

Who in LVNV did you, or your attorney, contact and what state are you in?

This will be my summer project and who in LVNV to contact who has some authority would be the starting point.

Thanks in advance and congratulations.

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pulp.......... just curious if you don't mind sharing the info. About how much does a NACA attorney cost? Feel free to PM me if you don't want to share that on the thread.

Thanks :)

If you call around, it shouldnt cost you anything. Assuming you have a good, well-documented case (copies of CR's, DV's, green cards, etc.), you should find an NACA attorney in your state who will take the case on contingency.

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PF, I'm glad it worked out for you and I am happy you had nice things to say about your lawyer.

I get frustrated by so many people here that think a little internet knowledge makes them Roy Cohn. A good lawyer, just like a good real estate agent or mechanic or doctor, brings real value to you.

I usually charge a modest minumum when I'd defending, and do take affirmative cases on contingency, though I expect clients to pay expenses. I believe most operate that way.

Cheers, PF!

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Perhaps we need a sticky about NACA attorneys--not only linking people to the website, but also letting them know that geographic proximity to their attorney usually isn't necessary, and that an attorney doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg (or perhaps anything at all, in the right situation). Mods?

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I sent the following e-mail to Mr. Hughes, so if he gets back to me soon I'll pm some details and you can decide if you'd like to get in contact with him.

If you've already made contact, let me know as I'd like to piggyback on it!

Mr. Hughes,

I'm interested in following up on an intent to sue that I sent to LVNV Funding with respect to FDCPA violations, namely duplicate and incorrect reporting, and poisoning. The violations are numerous and documented, as well as all correspondence. Over this past year I have become very credit savvy and knowledgeable about the laws that govern this industry mainly due to a credit forum resource on the net. Due to these contacts, there is at least one other person in the state of NC (Charlotte area as myself) that would like to be represented, and we feel it might further your interest to consolidate cases.

These violations are common practice for LVNV and almost everyone sharing information have identical reporting violations. Many have already sued and won, and I know of no person who has not won. Please let me know your interest level and I will be happy to forward any information, documentation, CMRRR receipts and the contents of those letters to LVNV and Equifax. They have verified false information twice with the bureaus and have so far ignored a debt validation request (outside 30 days).



Cell: 704-xxx-xxxx


Monroe, NC 28110

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Cool Clever....... I'm just starting out so I don't know if I'll need one or not. Sent the first round of DVs and disputed with the CRAs on a couple of accounts that I don't think are mine. I have two greens back out of 8 that I sent out last week.

Let me know if you get in touch with him though because I'd like to know there is someone out there that can help if things get hairy. :)

And what's wrong with liking Asia????????? LOL

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