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Hi to all yall wonderful folks here. Have been "lurking" for weeks. Posted just a few. Soooo much info. And all has been helpful in getting a few things deleted from CR's.

The last biggie on my CR's is above scum bags. Both are on showing balances and past due. Both are for OC who were included in BK&, discharged 04/07. Have not received any statements, letters from Unifund at all. They just added to EQ last month. Arrow was sending letters prior to BK, but not since. QUESTION: what advise would you give in getting rid of them. Have DV's CRA, TU & EX have deleted Unifund. None will delete Arrow. All have come back as "verified". Thanks for any advise. And all info I have read on this site.

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How does the tradeline read? IIB? If they were added after BK, they have no right since it was an uncollectable debt that was discharged at the time they added the information. I had a couple of those myself and demanded that they be deleted (I did reference my BK attorney too in my letter) and that it was a direct violation of the BK stay.

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thanks Macwench. Here is how it is listed with EQ

Close window




[Equifax] Collection account

TransUnion Experian Equifax

Past Due: $18280

High Balance: $11799



Payment: $0


Reported: 06/2007

Responsibility: Individual

It does show reported 06/2007. After discharded date of BK7. So should be disputed with EQ, right? Its for Citi which was discharged in BK7. Will check on the Arrow accts also.

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I would dispute with them (the CAs) that the account was discharged with the OC before it was placed on your report. Note in your letter that you will not accept an IIB notation since the account was illegally reported by them AFTER the BK discharge and that reporting it constitutes a violation of the BK stay. Demand this be done immediately. Wait a couple weeks after they have signed for your letter and then check your CRs. If it is still there - dispute with the CRAs. If it is verified I believe you have grounds to sue.

Please note I only halfway know what I'm talking about. With me they deleted after the letter. Good luck!

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Here is the letter I just finished writting to Arrow. Will send one to Unifund also just like it.

so any comments??? Do yall think I hit on the points needed to be said? Going to mail today CMRRR and wait their reply. And I might add, I WILL file the Motion for Contempt if they do not respond favorably.

Thanks to all for all the info on this site.

Arrow Financial Services August 7, 2007

5996 W Touhy Ave

NILES, IL 60714-4610

RE: Account# xxxxxxxxx

To Whom it May Concern:

You have reported to all three credit reporting agencies (ThrnsUnion, Experian & Equifax) an assigned

account from Washington Mutual, as a Collection Account, Open Account as of 06/2007.

This letter is to advise you that this account with Washington Mutual has been discharged thru

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Case No: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

dated filed: January 12, 2007

date discharged: April 17, 2007

court filed in: US Bankruptcy Court, Middle District of Florida, Tampa, Florida.

Your repeated attempts to collect and or file information with the three credit reporting agencies

after the filing date is a violation of the permanent injunction of the discharge. Refer to US Bankruptcy

Code Section 524.

I am insisting that you have these trade lines deleted from all three agencies (TransUnion. Experian

and Equifax) IMMEDIATELY. And that you CEASE AND DESIST any and all attempts to collect,

transfer, sell or assign this account in the future.

If you refuse, I WILL file a Motion for Contempt and Request for Sancations against your company

in Bankruptcy Court. Than you can explain to the Judge WHY you are breaking the law.

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