AW SNAP! Brand New Late Payment!?!*

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One of my better creditors is reporting a late payment on a new loan I just got and I need to know what the best strategy is to both remove the late payment and to keep positive favor with the creditor.

For some odd reason unbeknownst to me, the post office started sending my mail back to sender. One day my mailman asked me did I put in that request and I said no. He said he would start sending my mail back to me. So after about a month or so I noticed that I had not received a statement from my creditor for awhile. I didn't notice right away because I get TONS of statements every month. And so I contacted the creditor and they informed me that indeed my statement had been returned to them and that it was their policy to NOT SEND FURTHER statements if one was returned. I asked them had they try to contact me and they said no. Needless to say I rushed a payment to them and they made a note on my account that I had called in, yada yada yada. Again, this is one of my better creditors. What can I do now that they are reporting at least 1 missed payment based on this snaffu? I had a perfect payment history with them prior to this....

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