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Is it time to sue Palisades now????

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Hi all! I have been dealing with Palisades LLC for a few months now and need some advice. The following is what I sent to the FTC and the BBB yesterday (August 6,2007) to give you a background of what's happened.

"I had reviewed my credit report May 30th, 2007 and found a collection listing for Palisades LLC. I wrote to the company on June 13th, 2007 and stated that I had seen this on my Credit Report, this was the first I knew about it, and to please validate the account. I received no validation but know they received the letter since I sent it Return Receipt Certified. I then mailed a second letter on July 23rd, 2007 stating their lack of response and asking again for verification (15 days) with no response as of today, August 7, 2007 (day 15). They have re-aged the account an my credit report (last date 08/2007) and verified with the credit reporting agencies, even though they have never contacted me at all. The Credit Report also shows that the account is an installment when in fact it appears to be an old Boxflex credit card which should be listed as a "revolving account" The loan type is also wrong. It states "Factoring Company Account" when I am led to believe should state "Collection Agency/Attorney" or somthing similar."

SO, the big question is, what's next? Do I have enough to show willful negligence? What should I do now? I have copies of all the letters and green cards to go with them so i know they got the letters.

Here's a look at the reporting from Experian

Status Details:

This account is scheduled to continue on record until Sep 2012.

This item was verified and updated on Jul 2007.

Date Opened: 06/2006

Type: Installment

Credit Limit: $1,014

Date of Status: 06/2006


1 Months High Balance: NA

Reported Since: 06/2006

Monthly Payment: $0

Recent Balance: $1,014

Last Reported Date: 07/2007


Recent Payment: $0

Your Statement:


Account History:

Collection as of Jul 2007, May 2007, Apr 2007, Feb 2007, Jan 2007, Jun 2006

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This company, Palisades-is the ARMPIT of the collections industry, if you can imagine. The ONLY way I ever got rid of them was by filing formal complaints w/ the BBB, FTC and Attorney General Offices (my state AND theirs, New Jersey I believe). They had a falsified debt in my case though.


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