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Pinnacle bites it after 2nd dispute


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Pinnacle, representing household/orchard has dropped today for non-response... good for a 32 point FAKO boost! 8 months early BTW, I'll take it! They've still not responded to EX, but the dispute close date is much longer than the TU dispute for some reason. They never reported to EQ.

I'm resisting a Fico purchase because my two cards are temporarily maxed out... so it should be nice next month when I PIF from my student loans.

I'm now drafting my ITS letter to Afni for reporting 120 days late!

Keep fighting the good fight!!!


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man this is hard enough reconciling information from the 3 bureaus, but why can't TC and EQ agree??

Each and every day I can pull TC and see AFNI reporting 120 days late in may, yet I can't find a single EQ report (and they are numerous) that states a past due balance for the TL.

Any offer of explanation is appreciated. I'm going to send off my ITS with a printout from TC and the cover page of the EQ report that only says they have verified the payment history as accurate.

I'm giving them 30 days to delete in settlement. Off to the post office!

(Letter contents)

August 7, 2007

RE: CINGULAR-2005xxxxx



Attention: Legal Department

Dear Afni-Bloom:

For the third documented time, you have verified with Equifax Information Services LLC that my account is 120 days late according to your records. You have also verified with Experian and Tran union a current status. I have not received the debt validation that I have requested either.

There are no laws requiring you to report this credit information at all, however, pursuant to FCRA and FDCPA, you are required to report accurately if choosing to do so.

Should AFNI choose to retract all trade line information for this account from the three major credit reporting agencies within 30 days of receipt of this notice, I will consider the matter satisfactorily resolved.

Please be advised that I intend to sue for violations after the prescribed time-frame.


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Clever- I just looked at my AFNI collection on my CR and it is also reporting 120 days late on an account that is over 4 years old! They also have it listed as an installment account and the OC was Alltel. All the other listing in that category are cc's and two car loans which are all positives.

These people are nuts :(

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Pinnacle verified with Experian in the 11th hour!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, TU had a 30 day investigation and Pinnacle dropped like it was hot... EX did a 45 which was going to end tomorrow, but Pinnacle updated today.

I am so mad... EX is my worst report and that would have been a nice little jump.

Oh well.. it drops in Feb anyway xxHellxxXhairX

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