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Hi guys just came back from sick leave for my son. Yes he is fine.

Anywho I had posted awhile back on how the OCs closed my lowes &

sams club for poor payment history. Well I got a lot of advice on I should

just pay it off to be done with it. I decided to cont. to pay the monthly

amounts until paid off. I paid on time each month for 10 months

until it was paid off. I did a 1 month wait to call them and ask if they

had recieved my final payment and if they would reconsider reopening

the account. The lady took 2 min came back and said sure just go to the

store. We went to sams club did a reapply(but actually a reopen because

no paper work was required) Reopened for $1000:D .

let you know if it works with my lowes as soon as I pay it off.

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