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SL varience in reporting


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I have disputed my 30 and 60 days late on my multiple student loans accounts. They were updated at one time and are all screwed up again. It is currently in deferrment.

I sent them the letter to the original creditor and got a nasty letter back.

On one, it shows Tu never late, Experian 2 x 30 and 2 x 60. With a payment of zero on TU and Eq and $43 on Ex.

Another shows Tu with never late and the same as above on the other two.

So on and so one.

Now, my question is... is there something that you suggest I should say or do to convince them to update as paid?

There are a few variences, but in 6 TL's. It is Wells Fargo Bank (if that matters). They clearly have verified different information. Some say payments, but it is deferred.

Thank you.

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