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Citifinancial advice please


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This account as been a pain. Should I sue? What violations should I sue for?

At the beginning, they had three accounts all with the same information except the account number. Over time it consolidated down to 2 with the same number and now it is just one.

Acct numbers




as you can see... not even close.

2/14/06 TU verified that the three accounts were mine.

4/25/06 EFX verified two accounts were mine.

6/25/06 EF shows account payment of $89, high credit of 3342, balance of 2662 and 120 days late... past due 424

6/25/06 TU shows no payment, highcredit of 2834 and balance of 2834, charge off with nothing past due

6/27 EXP shows the same as Tu with 2834 past due.

6/27/06 TC shows EX down to two accounts numbers the others have one. TU had three.

7/10/06 EX verified both accounts again.

8/3/06 duplicated remained ( Citifinancial was using two different addresses for these accounts. One in MD and the other in SC).

8/9/06 Tu deleted one of the three accounts as a duplicate.

9/28/06 CSC deleted one. It had been put back on.

10/4 using the name Commercial credit - CSC verified.

Anyway, it continues until now. There are always minor discrepancies for the one account that is left.

They have ignored my request for an investigation twice. Ignored the protection under SCRA. Send me to multiple collection agencies, although they are the only ones on my credit.

This is within my 6 year SOL. But I feel I might have more than $3000 (that is owed) in fines and could push this to get them off my credit. I just have no idea what to reference to.

I would appreciate any advice on how to deal with this.

Thank you.

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Sorry, as I was typing I thought I might be boring you all. Right now, they vary on balance, states, DOLA, and past due amount.

The investigation letters are from June and July 07. This is an account I have been messing with for a long time as you can see.

Thank you.

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Is Citifinancial the OC or a CA? If it is the OC, then you need to contact them and ask why they have your account listed under multiple account numbers. Send a letter CMRR asking them to clarify the proper account number and ask for a complete payment history.

If they don't have the records, the whole thing goes away.

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