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Thanks Ihslancer

It did not work for me I got this bogus message...

We're sorry... We cannot display your Equifax credit file disclosure as the identifying information you provided does not match data currently in our system.

To receive your Equifax credit file disclosure, please send – via US Mail - a photocopy of one item from each of the categories below in order to verify your identification and address. The item you select from the identity category MUST contain your Social Security number and the item you select from the address category MUST contain your current mailing address of: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.


*Social Security Card

*Pay Stub with Social Security Number

*W2 Form


*Drivers License

*Rental Lease Agreement/House Deed

*Pay Stub with Address

*Utility Bill (gas, electric, water, cable, residential telephone bills)

To ensure that your request is processed without delay, please enlarge photocopies of any items that contain small print (i.e. driver's license, W2 Forms, etc). Photocopies that are illegible prohibit us from processing your request. Do not highlight any document. We will notify you of the need to resubmit your request with readable photocopies.

Would you like to know your credit score? You can request a copy of your Equifax credit score by sending a check or money order for $7.95 to the address below.

Please send (via US Mail) a printed copy of this letter along with the requested information to:

Equifax Information Services LLC

PO Box 105167

Atlanta, Georgia 30348

Thank you for giving Equifax the opportunity to assist you.


Equifax Information Services LLC

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I might add that I could not view an updated freebie before I canceled my Equifax Score Watch sub. I used this once early last week and if I tried right now I don't even know if it would work. Careful watch those split files. If you decide to do this find a day in the month you know all your TL's have already reported for that period and go for it. Constant pulling might be bad for the eyesight. 8-)

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no soup for me.

ihslancer and Imdoingitright, do you have scorewatch now? I do. I am assuming that is why it is not working.

That's why you're not able to get access. As soon as I canceled all their products I was able to view for free. For the price of Score Watch you can pretty much pull a FICO score and report every other month.

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