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Call recording

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In FL that was true. Don't know about regardless of state.

A lot of talking shop in Off topic today!!!


Anyone else?

Help me out here people, C'mon if they say their recording then we have the right to record as well right? no matter what state were in.

For example I know Cali is a 2 party consent, and Nevada is a right to record state (one party) if I call the bank and they say this call may be monitored or recorded then don't we have the right to record it also regardless of state law?

I've actually read that somewhere before and can't find it for some reason.

Opinions or input is appreciated.

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in cali, if they greet u with that message, you can record...

Yep-the recording indicates that BOTH callers are aware that they are being recorded, doesn't matter by whom.

I would think the recording would be perfectly legal. And remember, there's a difference between submitting something into case files for court viewing, versus allowing someone to listen to it. We were once told that we could record my dss's bio-mom's tirades and than just let the counselor listen to it, rather than try to submit it to court formally. :twisted:


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