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I Need Legal Help

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I have a judgement that was filed in 2001. This week the debt collector lawyer placed a hold on my bank account. The balance of the debt has a remainder of $3000. They would except a payment plan.

My question is can i file claim of exemption ? I cant survive with no money I rather them garnish my wages.

I think its too late to file motion to vacate.

Also I know they can keep putting a hold on my account until the debt is paid, is there a limit to how often they can to it - like every 30 days or can they do it on a daily or weekly basis. Is there anything i can do ?

One thing for sure I wont keep money in that account.

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Find an lawyer that will do a free consultation. Then, show up, with your list of questions, most important to least important and try to work your way to the bottom during the consutation.

You can also check your state laws on line to see what funds are exempt from an account levy.

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