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When marketing goes bad

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SAN FRANCISCO - The device that was supposed to revolutionize urban transportation seems unable to even hold on to a proper fan club.

The Segway Enthusiasts Group of America is disbanding because of inactivity and an absence of candidates for its board of directors, said the group's treasurer, Fred Kaplan.

When the Segway debuted, executives at the exclusive preview predicted that it would have no trouble selling and that entire U.S. cities would eventually be designed to take advantage of its capabilities — which can move people at up to 12 mph.

Still, the Segway can be too pricey for even for personal electronics-hungry American consumers. The base model Segway PT i2 carries a suggested retail price of $5,145, and SEG America's Kaplan says replacement batteries cost about $1,600 per pair.


when walking is free....

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Yeah those things looked kind of cool, I knew exactly what they were too as I was reading your post. Great concept, poor timing & marketing, not to mention as you said........

The price

free vs. 5 or 6K and a couple of K for batteries, hmmm tough call. ;)

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My dad has something similar if not the Segway. He loves it! He had polio as a child, so one leg is shorter than the other. As he has gotten older, he has a lot of trouble walking distances. Now he can take the grandkids to the zoo etc. I think they paid a pretty penny for it, but like I said he really loves it.

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Yeah, they went about that all the wrong way. Dean Kamen is quite the entrepeneur and the big hype about completely revolutionizing the way large cities would transort people fell way short of the expectations. That thing is cool and quite an invention, but disappointing after all the hype.

They must have been smoking something to thing big cities were ready to put a million of those on the streets.

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