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CRA' attorney has not filed a "grounds of defense" to my "bill of particulars"

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Judge in General District Court ordered a big CRA to file a grounds of defense and ordered me to file my bill of particulars.

VA law indicates that a case can be found in favor of the plaintiff if the defendant doesn't file a grounds of defense.

Court acknowledges receiving my bill of particulars.

Their falling silent may not provide me the relief that I was looking for...deletion of the incorrect tradeline on my credit report.

Believe me, I have exhausted all other methods besides litigation.

Any thoughts of what the other side might be trying to pull since they aren't willing to settle?


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I would file a motion for summary judgment. So what if they don't delete if you have an order for them to pay you. After I won, I would offer them a 50% settlement and a delete.

Sounds interesting, but what difference would it make whether or not I hit em with a MSJ or just waited until the hearing to move to dismiss?

Either way, I lose a days wages in court.

Just curious...

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