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Required to release medical records b4 debt validation


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Hi All,

I have been reading this forum for quite some time now, but I just recently joined to post. The information I have received just from reading has been extremely valuable. Please help me know what to do in this situation:

I requested that a debt be validated by a collection agency. I sent certified & registered mail. I just got a response from the CA stating the following:

Financial Credit Services has acknowledged receipt of your dispute and request for verification pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act regarding the above referenced account. We have placed this account in a dispute status until we have obtained the verification documents from the original creditor, and have provided you with this information. If this matter has been reported to a credit reporting agency your dispute will be transmitted to them, as required by Florida and federal law. The dispute should be reflected on your credit bureau report within the next thiry (30) days.

In compliance with federal law governing the privacy of patient health information, FCS will require your written consent before any additional patient helath information (beyond what is necessary to verify the outstanding balance), is requested from the healthcare provider or disclosed to you. A copy of our standard HIPAA consent form has been provided for your convience. Upon return of this completed form bearing your actual signature, our office will forward the completed consent form, along with your request for additional patient health information, to the healthcare provider.

HUH?:confused: I never requested any medical records. Does this have anything to do with debt validation or are they just trying to muddy the waters?

They go on with another paragraph to say:

Finally, your correspondence contained a request to complete a standard questionnaire that seeks information not required under state or federal law. As such, this information will not be provided in response to your request for verification of the subject account.

HUH?HUH?:?: What does this mean? My exact request was: I am requesting that you validate this debt for which you say I am responsible. Specifically, I need to know that you are the legal entity to which the debt should be paid, the amount owed, payment history or account statements and date(s) on which this debt was supposedly incurred. Please provide written documentation supporting your assertion of my indebtedness. This letter makes very little sense to me. Are they purposely tryng to be vague and make it appear that my DV request was not consistent with FCRA?

Please advise on what I should do next. thanks

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