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Serious $$$ Lawsuit??

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I have been served with a law suit.

Citicapital Commercial Corp


ABC Inc, My name, My Wifes Name

At the end of the causes and actions:

WHERFORE, the Plaintiff prays:

first cause of action me in the sum of twenty one thousand two hundred forty eight and 66/100($21,248.66)Dollars.

Second cause of action ABC inc., Me and My Wife in the sum of Four thousand Nine Hundred Twenty One and 60/100($74,921.60)Dollars.

1 - Which amount is correct in second cause of action the written amount or numeric anount?

2 - (the first contract my name only and DBA ABC Inc., second contract ABC Inc,

Me and My Wife. Can they combine the Suit? (first company Ingersoll-Rand, 2nd company Citicaptial Commercial Corp.)

3 - Tranferer was not released from obligation.

4 - No effort was made by anyone to ascertain payments could be made - citicapital relied upon credit record.

5 - Loan was $108k on truck Citicapital sold truck for $26,000.00

(truck repo in 11-2006 sold end of March 2007)

6 - Attached to back of law suit FAIR DEBT COLLECTION ACT and is stating This is a Retail Installment Contract attached

Is this a UCC 9 or Consumer Issue?

Thanks for all Your Time.

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