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Validation not requested within 30 day period, how to procceed?

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**what has gone before:

I have a credit card debt that was bought by the collection agency ( I know this from the original debtor ). I did not request validation within the 30 day period. After some time I got some legal advice and found out about various things I should know about settling cc debts. I did have a lawyer send these people a letter requested some kind of documentation to validate but the agency said it was too much of a bother since it (documentation) was all in storage. After a time the agency stopped contacting my lawyer directly and started calling me. I changed my number and that's the way it sat for several years. I still on occasion get a letter from them offering what they claim is a good settlement value.

**what's happening now:

They sent me another letter about 6 months ago. True to form I about had a nervous breakdown and waited until I could collect myself well enough to deal with this. I had thought the SOL would protect me but after invsetigating this in depth I find that SOL is not a satisfactory solution for me. Depending on which category the cc debt is placed in, the SOL expired either 1.5 years ago or will expire in April.

**what I want to do:

Despite the SOL defense, I prefer to settle this and be done. I'll never rest well wondering if someone will attempt to sue me when I'm not looking. By my estimates by the time I'm 65 (I'm 45 now) the interest will accumulate up to $250,000. Seems rather risky to hope the SOL defense will save me 20 years from now if a cleaver JDB tries to come after.

I would like to get documenation but the way the fdcpa 809 reads, I have no legal claim to it since I did'nt request it in time.

How to proceed?


Robert W.

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