Scores DROPPED after requesting verification

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So I started with 3 reports that showed my bad credit...not much in the way of inaccurate info as there was just derogatory credit.

The scores when I pulled my reports were:

Exp - 529

Eq - 559

Tu - 496

pretty ugly place to start! So I disputed with the CRA's not really sure what to dispute or leave alone...but with those scores I thought what the hell? how much could I hurt - oops!

I joined TrueCredit to monitor, and found that my scores dropped...all of them to 496. The next time I looked they had changed to

Exp - 496

Eq - 519

Tu - 496

Kind of a strange pattern I thought.

So I'm not really holding my breath too much on big results. The debt was and is mine. Some of it is old though, and that is what I realize I should have foucused on disputing instead of going Rambo and disputing everything. Now I know...

I figure the damage is done time to move on. I will just wait for the 30 days to expire to see what happens.

How do the CRAs typically release their results? Will I be notified through my TrueCredit, mail...?


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those scores are always different, especially from different places. The only scores that matter are Fico scores. (unless those scores are fico)

My equifax truecredit score is 560 but the real fico is 650, so there can be a big difference.

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My Equifax score just dropped 27 points!

The only notation they made to my report is a collection account that I disputed and they now list it as an account that is being investigated!

But 27 points? :evil:

I'm ready for good stuff to start happening to me...

Pointman, you had a thread on this too didn't you? I ask b/c today, I get a FICO alert and my scores increased by 6 points for no reason. Then 4 hours later, I get another alert and my scores dropped...27 POINTS! I log in to find an update that items are in dispute. I haven't gone over the CR with a fine tooth comb yet, but my speculation so far is that I've heard that items in dispute are not calculated in the FICO model. One of my disputes is an obsolete that been there for 7 years and I suspect it's b/c I'm going to lose history. My other dispute is a recent CA that I negotiated a PFD and it should be dropping, but I will be pretty pissed if my score goes from 666 to 639!

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tsorad -

nope those are my actual individual scores...I did pull a tri-merge with my FICOs before starting the disputes...the tri-merge was higher than my individual pulls.

But someone correct me please if I'm wrong, but if you can get your actual scores up, won't that inherently be boosting the tri-merge scores as well? And wouldn't you want to be working on the actual individual scores? Kind of getting to "the root" of the problem, and rebuilding from the ground up?


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