Get my own Credit Card, or become an AU?

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My husband and I just paid off the last of our debt, with the exception of a 6 year-old car loan (mine that I defaulted on after my company declared bankruptcy and my savings was only good enough for 4 months of payments). Anyway, our scores are in the low 600s now. My husband has 2 credit cards that he has never been late on, so we are guessing this will help improve his score in the upcoming months. I, on the other had, don't have any recent good credit, other than some student loans that I don't have to repay until after I graduate in December.

I was thinking about getting my own credit card to help boast my credit score, but all the info I'm reading says that it would hurt my score first before helping it. I'm wondering if I became an authorized user on my husband's account if that would report favorably on my credit report right away, or would it also hurt first before improving?

Now that our debt is paid we are hoping to finally be able to buy our first home, but we need better scores to secure a more favorable interest rate.

Thanks a bunch!

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You would get the whole history right away, but this loop-hole is being closed as soon as next month. There a lot of threads here on the end of authorized users.

There is no real evidence that a new revolving account will hurt your fico IF you have no other credit cards already. It could also raise your score right away under those circumstances.

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