Two Judgments deleted!!

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I took a month off working on my CR and decided to start back this month. I actually was getting a little discourage and thought that this credit repair was going no where, but it really was just takes a little time.

Well, I disputed two judgments with TU on 8/8 and today poof! Bye-bye. :D My score did not go up but that's ok. It will with time. I still have a paid tax lien on there that was verified but I'm working on that.

Ex still shows the two judgments:evil: EQ shows one. They will be paid by the end of the year so no big deal. If you want to know how I did it. I deleted the old address tied to the judgments and disputed them. (Thanks CIC):clapper:

Ex will not delete address and EQ deleted old address but Crap one updated and they added it back on. I still have a long way to go but this victory gives me hope.:yahoo::BigDance:

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I have a quick question. I see everyone saying to get the address that is tied to the judgment deleted, but how do you know what address it is? For an eviction judgment, is it the address that you got evicted from or where they sent the papers to let you know about it?

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