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OK i have a question. Palm Bay Chevrolet pulled my Experian credit report with out my consent. I know i have them on a FCRA violation. I got all the evidence i need to win in court, but the thing is they pulled my credit report on 01/04/2006. Is it to late to take them to small claims court it being over a year since the they pulled my report. Or should i just go to court anyways and hope they dont show up and win on a default judgment. Im trying to sue them for $1,000. They already sent me a letter stating that they cant find me in there records. But yet the Inquiry is on my Experian report. I gave this company enough time to send me a check for 1 grand. And now there playing games with me. So what do you guys think should do. Should i still take them to court even its been past a year.

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